Saunders Student Lab Portal

Saunders Remote Lab Systems

Saunders provides a few remote system that students may use on a first come, first serve basis. We ask that students be respectful of using the remote labs by logging off when finished.

Lab systems automatically reboot at 6AM EDT/EST for daily maintenance, so please make sure all work is saved prior to that time.

Accessing the Remote Labs

Go to and login with your RIT Computer Account.

Using the Remote Labs

When connected to a lab computer, use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT to access the side menu. The side menu has many options, such as accessing the remote clipboard (for copy and paste), changing display zoom, and touchscreen options.

When you are finished using a lab computer, click on the Log Off shortcut on the desktop.

Who has access?

All Saunders students and those students enrolled in a Saunders course during the current semester will automatically be granted access to the remote systems.

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